Monday, July 16, 2007

SUB & BUS WAYS, but toilets cost too.

By Louis Elovitz
Digital Journalist

I wrote this one year ago July 2006:
I showed, in the Noho Station pic [above],
that there is no where to sit after coming
up from the subway and hundreds may wait
for buses, other than the Orange Line
which is across the street, with no place to sit.

This new pic (below) shows to my amazement
that there IS SEATING along Lankershim,
at least for 4 comfortably. I'm funny I know...

This view of the ONLY place to wait and sit for
buses along the Boulevard is taken from the
parking lot. Did I violate some law by photographing
from Metro property; Silly? but if you chew a piece
of gum on the Subway there is hundreds dollar
fines doled out by L.A. County's finest.

THE LASD patrols the Metro system
including the Orange Line to the west
end of the Valley. I think they are
building an office at Valley College.

-Noho Metro Station

The Red Line Subway and the Orange Line plus
many other bus lines run in and out of Noho.
The station is modest, not to be insulting, but at
least there is not some eclectic sculpture as the
' limo ' at the Vine St. Red Line Station

Pic by
Ruth Wallach

hey, lucy
we got a

YET, there is subliminal art here called TRASH.
Trash in the gutters and curbs and sidewalks
and even in the bushes. Maybe the no seating
no trash cans, who cares they're just waiting for
a bus, is the reason.
I do not see this AT ANY OTHER METRO
STATION in any part of L.A. They sparkle,


These CONDOS south
of the Noho Station must
be the reason why us
DRIVERS have to do the Hokie Pokie
while traveling north on Lankershim.

I think it the CITY'S FAULT, because if I park on the street
on a SWEEPING DAY, I get a ticket right away.
They, our City can make the problems vanish.
Lankershim has been in this limbo for months.
This intersection has a lot of Noho history,
more later.


Our Noho Station does provide for the necessities of life,
there is a TOILET on the corner of Weddington,
the street named after a North Hollywood FOUNDER
and Lankershim, which is named for an original land owner(U.S.).

And as you already figured out for yourself,


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