Monday, November 28, 2011

NoHo Opossum 2006

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NoHo L.A.P.D. STATION Opening July 1997

We go WayBack in Time to 1997 when
Richard Riordan was Mayor and Joel
Wachs was our City Council Member.
July 14, 1997 the public and dignitaries
come together to celebrate the North
Hollywood Division's new Station
on Burbank Blvd and Irvine Ave.
It stands on the grounds that were
once our Little League,
Leko-Lankershim Field, that was awhile ago way before
the freeway when there was just a wash behind the Score Board.

I would like to thank the L.A.P.D. and The L.A.F.D.60s for their
concern and compassion when my Mom passed a few years ago.

Louis Elovitz


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CraigsList: Free Rent at NoHo 14 for the Right Female!

A recent post on CraigsList makes one heck of an offer for a female looking for housing here locally:

$1 / 890ft² - Free Shared Housing and Board for Female (North Hollywood/NOHO Arts District)

I am a Middle Eastern (Persian) 33 year old single male looking for a female companion to share my one bedroom one bathroom apartment with in exchange for light housekeeping, cooking and running errands. I live in the NOHO 14 building in North Hollywood (NOHO Arts District). This is a very new, beautiful highrise building with lots of great amenities. Google NOHO 14 for description of building. 420 friendly. This is for a friends with benefits situation. Let me know if you are interested. 

Click on image to see full size

Trading sex for housing is illegal. CraigsList has been hit with this before.  Apparently they have a self-policing system but it's not foolproof. Many bad things that have come out of his site including trafficking in young girls and real estate fraud.

This is the kind of crap that has really caused the site - which is an otherwise great idea - to lose all credibility.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Feminine Mystique " NoHo Gallery L.A. Summer 2011


" Feminine Mystique "
NoHo Gallery L.A.
Summer 2011
NoHo Gallery LA’s exhibit “Feminine Mystique”
features artists from NoHo U.S.A. and abroad
highlighting a display of various mediums.
the artists : Anja Van Herle Jason Giacopelli
Leah Devora Frederick Luff Jana Pitlova Wendell Wiggins

a film by
Louis Elovitz

Saturday, July 2, 2011

NoHo Crime Update

Crime update – (Week ending June 25TH, 2011 )

Violent crime in North Hollywood Division has decreased 10.49%
Property crime has decreased 13.58 %
Overall repressible crime for the Division year- to- date has decreased 13.20%

My basic car area covers Oxnard to Magnola and Colfax to Clyborne. I have also seen some decreases in property and violent crime BUT the decrease is not as drastic as the overall numbers of the division. They are good but I’m seeing an increase in crime start to appear. This is especially noticed along the Magnolia Blvd and the Burbank Blvd. corridor.

A few concerns where we see a pattern of crimes involve BIKE THEFTS and DISTRACTION type crimes. Bike thefts have exploded in my area. I don’t know if the warm weather, the high price of gas or more people trying to go green. If you like your bike- secure it. Almost 100 thefts have been reported in the division this year. What stands out is the majority of victims DO NOT have their bike serial number written down. This is essential in getting your property back to you if and when we recover it.

The crimes involving distractions usually victimized the elderly. It involved someone acting as an employee of a City agency (DWP / GAS) knocking on your door and advising the homeowner they need to be escorted to the rear yard to inspect something. While this is going on, another suspect enters the residence and removes the victim’s property. On a few incidents, a child has been involved. An adult knocks on the door advising their child is in need of the restroom or a glass of water. As the homeowner is distracted, another suspect enters and searchers the property.

Be aware of any suspicious activity. Use your cell phones to take photos if it can be done safely. Forward me any information you think may assist us in deterring or solving crime.

Nation Night Out is August 2nd at the North Hollywood Park. This is a yearly nationwide event that brings the police and the community together. The event will include entertainment, food and tables sponsored by some local area business and City organizations. The event starts at 6pm. Hope to see you there.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


John Catalano
Senior Lead Officer- Basic Car 15A39
Los Angeles Police Department
North Hollywood Area

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dr. Tamadon - NoHo's Coolest Dentist Makes Moms SMILE!

Couple of years ago I developed a HORRIBLE toothache on a vacation - utter pain - the trip was ruined.  Thanks, however, to Jack Witt, he referred to Dr. Tamadon at Hollywood Smile who not only fixed me right up but gave me the best service ever! Since then she has been my dentist!

I hear word via Facebook that Dr. T has a great special coming up for this Mother's Day - one that's an awesome price and helps a great cause, too.  Here are the details! Check it out!

Want to REALLY make your mom smile? Give your Mom a beautiful smile this Mother's Day with this SUPER deal on teeth whitening! Normally $450, we're giving you a FULL whitening for only $225! Not only will you be giving Mom a great gift you'll be helping a good cause, too. 10% of all proceeds will go the United Way! Call 818-752-7525!

Hollywood Smile is at the corner of Victory and Coldwaterat 12903 Victory Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91606

Get FED at The Federal

Supporting the buzz that has gelled between the arts, food trucks and a generally cool neighborhood here in Downtown NoHo, the amazing THE FEDERAL BAR and GRILL keeps it going with a monthly edition of GET FED on Saturday, May 14th right outside the FEDERAL from 12pm to 4pm! It's not just food trucks but you'll be serenaded by both live musicians and a DJ!

We have even heard that NoHo's Sassy Girl is bound to check out these events and maybe feature you on her up and coming web based TV show!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jack Witt: Crimefighter

Chamber of Commerce Past-President and Local Fitness Trainer Jack Witt made a citizens arrest in North Hollywood Park Sunday. A man was walking up and down Magnolia Blvd and Tujunga Blvd trying to get into people's parked vehicles. Jack noticed the man doing this while waiting for a client to show up for a workout at the park, and immediately confronted him about it. Jack flagged down a police officer driving by and made a citizens arrest on the spot.

Remember to always put your valuables in your trunk while visitng the park, and always lock your doors.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's CVS!

The former Roger Dunn Golf Store, that has moved to the first floor of the NoHo 14 building, isn't going to be another grocery store, as locals had hoped.  It's another drug store! Well at least at it's not a gym!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Private Property Rights and Art Attacked by NIMBY Cranks and City Bureaucrats

In America, you certainly have the right to decorate your home any way you want, but apparently not in Valley Village.

Ten North Hollywood High students were commissioned to paint a Graffiti Art mural on a homeowner’s private fence. But the City came out and fined her, and is now forcing her to paint over it. This despite other murals in the area being allowed.

Certainly someone with a lot of time on their hands complained.  Supporters are appealing to Paul Krekorian and hope you will too.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stephen Box Food Truck Festival

CD4 Council Candidate Stephen Box held a food truck festival in the NoHo Arts District Sunday.  Food truck operators are generally supporting Box as incumbent Tom LaBonge has been essentially hostile towards the popular businesses.  A number of locals turned out to meet with Box and sample fare from a variety of trucks.

The candidate spreads his message.
 More pics after the jump

Thursday, January 20, 2011

There Are a Million Stories in NoHo...

Pauline Williams
And I had the chance to catch a few of them at Hollywood Stories, produced and hosted by writer/comedian Pauline Williams, at the hip Amsterdam Cafe right here in Downtown NoHo.

Williams, a native of the Hoosier state, has an extensive resume as a comic, writer, author, musician, singer, journalist, poet - you name it - Pauline has done it.

Hollywood Stories showcases writers with interesting and great stories to tell.  When I attended this week on the bill were Williams, actor and author Peter Coca and comedian Mel Kohl.

Peter Coca at Hollywood Stories

Williams regaled the audience with a cornucopia of adroitly composed and brilliantly rhythmic poetry and short stories, some touching on tales of lost or unrequited love.  Coca performed a brilliantly delivered piece that was way beyond this reviewer's ability to truly critique but seemed to combine elements of Lenny Bruce and Dr. Seuss.  Rounding out the bill was Kohl with a humorous riff on the self-indulgent absurdity that is, Starbucks.

The Amsterdam Cafe itself is really quite the facility - reminscient of the NoHo BoHo coffee house scene those of us active locally in the 90s may remember but with a more modern elegance.  Tasty food and beverages compliment hookah smoking and a lovely even larger than the main room zen patio definitely beckons me to hang out there on a warm spring evening soon.

Check out Hollywood Stories, every Wednesday at 7:30 PM at the Amsterdam Cafe, 10905 Magnolia Boulevard in NoHo.

" New Beginnings " 2010 NoHoGallery L.A.

NoHo Gallery L.A.

New Beginnings

December 11, 2010 Opening

Monday, January 10, 2011

Re-enactment of treaty signing shows pivotal event in California

Campo de Cahuenga Historical Memorial

re-enactment that commemorated Jan. 13, 1847,
when Gen. Andres Pico and Lt. Col. John C. Fremont

signed a treaty that ended hostilities between
the American
forces and Californians who lived under Mexican rule

CAMPO de CAHUENGA Historic Treaty 2008
A Community Film By
Louis Elovitz