Sunday, December 28, 2008

NoHo Parking Meter Outrage

In a business busting move to suck a few more dollars out of City residents, Los Angeles has imposed massive increases on parking meters Citywide - some as much as $4 an hour - and increased the hours in the day the meters run. 

While merchants from Highland Park to Chatsworth are up in arms, nowhere is anger greater than in the fledging NoHo Arts District.  Theatre owners are aghast that formerly free nighttime parking is no longer available and are finding impratical for patrons to step out of a production to feed the meter.  An aide to Councilman Tom LaBonge has told NoHo theatre owners their office is "looking into it" but local business owners hold out little hope for relief.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008



• See the entire drive thru
holiday spectacular
right here


Friday, December 12, 2008

AGAIN I ASK... What is The Monolith in NoHo ?

. .• OK, I'm Just Asking
as I Did Last Year...

We have this "Monolith" at the corner of
Chandler & Lankershim across from the
Redline Station
, and before you say
anything I know it is the HOWE'S MKT
plus other commerce. But haven't you
wondered "Just Once" what that large
flat tall structure on the corner is
supposted to be used for ?

Is it going to say Welcome to NoHo?
Let's get some suggestions for this.
Anyway here I am in MyVid filmed
2007 raising the ?

. .

Monday, December 1, 2008

NoHo Tower A Lonely Place

The San Fernando Valley Business Journal reports that three years behind schedule and following flip-flops between going condo and then back to rentals, the NoHo 14 Tower across from the Metro Station now has four residents.

According to the Journal an 850 square foot one bedroom unit goes for $2300 a month. Most of the neighboring new properties go for less than that. As the paper notes a similar unit at the much tonier Americana at Brand in Glendale is about the same rate.

In the meantime JSM, the developers of the Tower, have sold three other developments in NoHo and is reportedly "on-hold" with their most recent development at Vineland and McCormick.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

NOVEMBER 22, 1963

45 years ago

Excellent Historical info from a
Brazilian blog ... clicJfkPic ...
Many pics & Vid, if you need
translation clic here google


Thursday, October 30, 2008

VIVA L'ITALIA NoHo Gallery L.A. October 2008

• Viva L'Italia ART EXHIBIT
NoHo Gallery L.A.

Featuring Italian and Italian/American Artists
as well as a few non-Italian artists
displaying artworks of Italian images

Exhibit Runs: October 18 - November 9, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

NoHo Gallery L.A. Art Directors Guild Art Sept 2008

NoHo Gallery L.A.
September 2008
select, private works of the Art Directors Guild
members with more than 60 Guild artists

Music By The MAN UP TRIO

SLIDESHOW ∆ 2repeat SLIDESHOW clic rt top (x) ∆

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Campo de Cahuenga Treaty 1878-2008 • Street Cars Bring Back Old Times, How about here in NoHo !

• North Hollywood History
US-Mexico Treaty 1878

In January of this year we re-enacted the Treaty of Cahuenga
which was was signed between Lieutenant Colonel John C. Frémont
and General Andrés Pico in 1847, ending hostilities in California
between Mexico and the United States. The subsequent
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo of 1848, ceding California
and Texas to the United States. Here is this year's celebration.

not HISTORY...


TODAY San Pedro has the Re-Creation of the Pacific Electric
Railway that blanketed Southern California from the early 1900's
until the Freeway Age of the 1950's.

The San Pedro Waterfront Red Car runs from Port's of Call to
to the Cruise Center Fridays thru Mondays serving the tourist
community enjoying this area.

NoHo has talked about a NoHo Street Car,
THE vintage street cars available
are up to date are handmade,
and as the one's above, and
are made here in Los Angeles.

Of course, I 'photo-enhanced' the pic to make it look like olden days,
I even took out the bridge, doing it just to show you it is not history.

The California Car seen below is historically correct
with original coloring, wood paneling and seating
just like a hundred years ago, and even better.
With this knowledge you know
that a NoHo Street Car is a viable,
and I say a necessary addition to our NoHo Arts Distict
and it is a project we should invest in for North Hollywood.

Neither of these photos is mine, that I 'fixed',
The Original Photo is by
John Smatlak,
one of the great people who made the San Pedro system.

Monday, August 25, 2008

" Paws, Claws, Applause "

NoHo Gallery & L.A. ZOO Art event opening

NoHo Gallery LA welcomes featured photographer Charlie Morey,
in collaboration with the LA Zoo, displaying their efforts to portray
the beautiful nature of our precious animals

" Paws, Claws, Applause "

NoHo Gallery LA welcomes featured photographer Charlie Morey, in collaboration with the LA Zoo, displaying their efforts to portray the beautiful nature of our precious animals
Exhibit Runs: August 2 - August 29
VIDEO of Event

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

I TOLD YOU - "I would like A Glass of WATER..."

• ...the Glass shouldn't
Smell from Herring !

'Mayor' TONi AVENUESgang says-

DRINK less / WATER less
TONi's FOUNTAINS need the H2O

and your favorite restaurant
are going GREEN !
( another red herring event )

It says IF WE WANT WATER, just ASK.

But you HAVE to ASK !

I found this " SAVING WATER " card on my table at
Al Read's in Tujunga -yes, Chicken Fried Steak Thursdays.
I grew up in North Hollywood, and all those other names it has
acquired over the years of 'gerimandering'.

There was Drucker's Deli in the small
courtyard of stores next to the
Thrifty Drug between the
Thriftimart and McDonald's Market.


To bring you up to date, this is the block of stores that are
now Radio Shack, Smart n Final and Rite Aide and Ralph's.
There was a bakery, different type now, and the Deli
was a small walk back into middle area.
We went to the Deli here, or the one in the market on
Victory where the theaters are now at Coldwater.

We usually got three sandwich meats;
Corned Beef, Pastrami and Tongue, sliced thin, please.
Some Kosher pickles, kosher meaning made with brine not vinegar.
Then go to the Bakery to get a Rye Bread or Chale (egg bread)
or even a variety of Kaiser Rolls.
Oh that food.

Now, one of my Father's jokes about the Deli was...

So, the man goes into the Deli
and says to the Counterman-

" I'd like a 'Gless' (accented) of Tea,

The 'Gless' shouldn't
Smell from Herring! "

...a comment on the guy
who cuts the meats.

Oh, well, now we have to go to Jerry's or Canter's,
I found great Corned Beef in Burbank of all places
at Ben's Deli cl∆ic(ummm) I travel because there
are NO deli's ('Jewish') up in Sunland Tujunga
where I live now... but those weekend meals, WOW !
. .,
Oh, and...
don't forget
when dining
and you must not water your
plants more than 'allowed[?]'...

...or you may get a visit from
Toni AVENUESgang

Monday, August 11, 2008

L.A.P.D. NITE OUT NoHo Park August 2008

. .
• NoHo Park
VIDEO & photos of event from
Tuesday August 5 2005

North Hollywood Park Magnolia & Tujunga
Join the Community for an evening in the Park
music food and information

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

" VISIONS " NoHo Gallery LA July 2008

. .
• NoHo Gallery LA

" VISIONS " opening event video...
"VISIONS" - Group show of Visionary, Existential, Surreal & Lyrical Artworks
Joey Wester & Group Artists Delphia, Sandra Cooper, Rachel Weissberger,
Renate Dartois, Kate Devine, Rene Vasquez, Thurayya Hernandez,
Ayers Baxter, Daniel DeBevoise and more. Music by Jazz Guitarist
Tim Moran with special guest vocalist Scotti Austin.

∆ 2repeat SLIDESHOW clic rt top (x) ∆

Exhibit Runs: July 5 - July 26, 2008

5108 Lankershim Blvd. NOrth HOllywod, CA 91601

@ Lankershim Arts Center

Tel: (818) 761-7784

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Theatre Grows in NoHo

Workers seen beginning construction this morning on a new retail/office center anchored by a Laemmle Theatres multiplex near the North Hollywood Metro Station. This development is the final piece of the CRA's "NoHo Commons" project which has brought several hundred apartments and shopping including the legendary HOWS Market to the NoHo Arts District.

(Photo by Jack Witt)

Friday, July 11, 2008

NoHo Well Protected

" Sirens of YesterYear "

Not a new play in NoHo, but our 'protection'
against 'Nukler' attack back in them fifties.

Every last Friday of the month these tall
dangerous seductresses screeched their
warbled warnings at 10 a.m. wailing for
all of us to know they were alive and in
wait when needed for our protection.

In Translation: Air Raid Siren
at Bellingham at Burbank Blvd,
next to the KMPC Radio Towers
(DisneyRadio,now ESPNradio)



Friday, July 4, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008



.• Valley Village is in SUNLAND ?

Sunland is in Valley Village ?
is going on ...


The former Mortuary and recently an Adult Day Care Center,
will be adding space and renovating to be a City run Adult Day
Care Center AND after school for special education students...

why the "Valley Village" moniker...

Is this Valley Village
( BY THE WAY, originally NoHo ).

Is that NoHo Park?
Ummmm, No it is Sunland Park.

YOU are CONFUSED, me too ?
The building being renovated across
from SUNLAND PARK had been
a Mortuary for many years, and recently was
a small private school.

Obviously there is going an
and again,

( by the way I have NOT found any info
about this on the internet, yet I see
it is ''4 kids', anyway I'll be on my quest

using the 'phone' to find out more )

Monday, June 23, 2008

' Whet Your Appetite ' @ Phil's Diner... SOON!

• Laemmle Theaters & Phil's Diner


Lankershim & Weddington will soon be a ' better place ',
part of the new NoHo. There will be an office building with
10,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space; a 30,000-
square-foot, seven-screen Laemmle Theater, with a 10 year
lease, and a 700-space parking garage.

The 1920s era Phil's Diner
designed in a railroad car style
by Charles Amend and with a
distinctive neon sign overhead,
serving generations

in the SanFernando Valley located on
Chandler Boulevard.
The diner will be relocated within
the project and the diner's missing, original sign recreated.

(clic∆2enlarge - arrow pic from
Phil's Diner Victory
Richard Bogy has just shared this great news for the Valley's Museum Community.

A New life for Phil’s Diner

The 1920’s was the era of the dining car style “diner”. One of the grandest examples was in North Hollywood and was called Phil’s Diner.

The North Hollywood (then called “Lankershim”) Southern Pacific train depot opened in 1892. For the first thirty or so years it served principally as a shipping point for the area’s rich farming products. By the early 1920’s North Hollywood had become a bustling well-to-do town. In 1923 nearby Toluca Lake was created as a first “bedroom community” for Los Angeles in the Valley. In that same year Lakeside Golf Club opened. By the 1920’s the Lankershim train depot served as many passenger trains as freight trains and the depot needed a restaurant for passengers to eat while they waited. To serve that need, Phil’s Diner was created.

Phil’s Diner was designed by Charles Amend, and like so many other famous diners of the day (including the famed Pacific Dining Car in downtown Los Angeles ) the building was essentially pre-fabricated and moveable on the back of a flatbed. A diner like Phil’s was often moved from the original location. The diners were even made to look and feel like a railroad “dining car”.

As the years passed by, the train depot finally closed and then North Hollywood transitioned from a thriving community to a blighted and forgotten industrial area, Phil’s fell on hard times. The original distinctive pink and black colors become faded and began to peel. Many of us – who just loved the history behind Phil’s – would still make the occasional visit and sit either at the wooden counter or at the single line of small tables. By the end you usually found yourself alongside a blue collar worker or a new immigrant, enjoying what was certain to be a one way ticket to heartburn; but it didn’t matter, because it was Phil’s.

Finally, Phil’s died. The last “blue plate” special was served and the doors were locked – it seemed likely – for all time. After several years of boarded doors and windows, the little building was raised on timbers and moved several blocks from the original site, where it now sits on a vacant lot behind a locked construction fence.

On March 20th Phil’s Diner was given new life. The CRA Board approved a plan for a new modern office building, a luxurious Laemmle’s 8-screen Theater, and a restored and operating Phil’s Diner. The Diner will be moved to the corner of Lankershim and Weddington – across from the El Portal Theater – where it will be restored to its 1920’s condition and reopen as a restaurant, and to become the centerpiece of the theater courtyard.

The effort to save Phil’s was the work of many, including Councilman LaBonge, the CRA, the property developer, the current owner of Phil’s and Laemmle’s Theaters. The community must also be acknowledged for their diligent efforts to protect and restore Phil’s. At the CRA hearing to approve the project, a broad section of the community came to speak in favor of the motion. In fact, twenty five people spoke all in favor of the project, with an (almost unprecedented) no one opposed. Thank you to Councilman LaBonge, the CRA, and everyone else who came together to bring Phil’s Diner back to where it belongs! Museum of the San Fernando Valley
Norah Nick said...

Excellent news! So did they find the sign that was stolen? Had it really been stolen or just stashed away in storage somewhere?