Saturday, July 2, 2011

NoHo Crime Update

Crime update – (Week ending June 25TH, 2011 )

Violent crime in North Hollywood Division has decreased 10.49%
Property crime has decreased 13.58 %
Overall repressible crime for the Division year- to- date has decreased 13.20%

My basic car area covers Oxnard to Magnola and Colfax to Clyborne. I have also seen some decreases in property and violent crime BUT the decrease is not as drastic as the overall numbers of the division. They are good but I’m seeing an increase in crime start to appear. This is especially noticed along the Magnolia Blvd and the Burbank Blvd. corridor.

A few concerns where we see a pattern of crimes involve BIKE THEFTS and DISTRACTION type crimes. Bike thefts have exploded in my area. I don’t know if the warm weather, the high price of gas or more people trying to go green. If you like your bike- secure it. Almost 100 thefts have been reported in the division this year. What stands out is the majority of victims DO NOT have their bike serial number written down. This is essential in getting your property back to you if and when we recover it.

The crimes involving distractions usually victimized the elderly. It involved someone acting as an employee of a City agency (DWP / GAS) knocking on your door and advising the homeowner they need to be escorted to the rear yard to inspect something. While this is going on, another suspect enters the residence and removes the victim’s property. On a few incidents, a child has been involved. An adult knocks on the door advising their child is in need of the restroom or a glass of water. As the homeowner is distracted, another suspect enters and searchers the property.

Be aware of any suspicious activity. Use your cell phones to take photos if it can be done safely. Forward me any information you think may assist us in deterring or solving crime.

Nation Night Out is August 2nd at the North Hollywood Park. This is a yearly nationwide event that brings the police and the community together. The event will include entertainment, food and tables sponsored by some local area business and City organizations. The event starts at 6pm. Hope to see you there.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


John Catalano
Senior Lead Officer- Basic Car 15A39
Los Angeles Police Department
North Hollywood Area