Sunday, March 29, 2009

Welcome Home Vietnam Vets Picnic in NoHo Park

Congratulations to community leader David Hernandez who put on a great picnic in NoHo Park to honor our Vietnam Veterans, marking the first annual LA County Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day on March 30.  The picnic was an opportunity for vets, family, friends and supporters to get together and have a great time.  Monday, March 30th David Hernandez will lead a rally in support of the veterans on the steps of City Hall with the hope next year of a parade.

Vets sign-in along with my sign I made for my cousins who served.
Official poster, thanks to the Candy Man Frank Sheftel for sponsoring!
Some of the vets chatting
 David Hernandez being interviewed.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Follow the Meter -parking meter that is.

( NoHo too! )

While there are no 'parking meters'
in Sunland Tujunga where I now live,
my hometown North Hollywood
and most of the City of Los Angeles,
not only have these metered parking
areas, but the fees to use them have
increased substantially.

There are new 'pay stations' near where you park with the
convenience of paying the vastly
increased rates with your credit/
debit cards; do not forget which
'number' your vehicle is parked at.
In North Hollywood the City just
raised the rates using the old meters.
Maybe because the 'pay stations'
DownTown L.A. are at $ 3.00/Hr and the
fees in NoHo are just $ 1.00/Hr.

I work in DownTown L.A. and see the parking
'stations' on a street that goes over the freeway,
where people walk to go to the courts or the Cathedral
(which charges $ 5.00 in their building lot).
The fee to park on the street is now $ 3.00/Hr.

You might as well let 'G-d' watch over your car.

Oh, I forgot to say that the times at these meters have
also increased such as from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. now to 8 p.m.
There goes dining, art openings and stage plays,
DownTown L.A., Hollywood or NoHo.


In Chicago the people have, well, revolted somewhat on
this issue when their meters went to $ 4.00/Hr and to 9 p.m.

They started breaking meters.
This is not a cry for this type
of behavior here, yet we can
protest using words to our
elected officials and our votes.

I paid my $ 1.00/Hr the other day when I went to my eye
doctor on Lankershim, parking on the side street Weddington.
I used to throw in a dime.

In NoHo DO NOT park
at the Metro Station BAD, BAD.
This is illegal and your vehicle
could be towed and fined.
-UNLESS you first ride the
escalator down to the Subway
pay machines,
BUY A TICKET ($ 1.25)
and go back up to your dining, art etc.

-at least you paid the fee as if you were on the train.
Kosher, maybe NOT, but at $ 1.00/ Hr metered parking,
you might sneak a savings depending on your stay at NoHo venues.

smashing parking meters and using
so one may be WARNED !

Also, if time allots you could take a ride on the
Metro Redline
to Hollywood
or DownTown L.A.,
which is always fun,
and this would fullfill all the legalities,
who says you can't eat, watch a play and work out at your gym BEFORE your Metro trip.


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• Los Angeles Premiere (1984)

I Filmed The Premiere St Patrick's Day Parade in DownTown L.A. March 17, 1984

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Parking Meter workers Scamming locals

I personal fitness train at a gym on Lankershim Blvd near Weddington Blvd in NoHo. It recently came to my attention of a long term client of the gym who was parked in a meter outside the gym on Lankershim. She went in on Tuesday, Feb 17, 2009 at 10a for her usual 10am appointment with her personal fitness trainer which always lasts one hour. As usual she put her $1.00 for one hour into the parking meter at 10a, and went in the gym where she checked in at the front desk, and started her workout with her trainer

At 10:52a she was horrified to see a parking meter worker putting a ticket on her windshield. When she quickly went out to confront the meter worker, she was told that she was getting a ticket, even with 8 minutes still left on her meter. "Why...How?" she asked, and was told by the unconcerned meter worker that "your only legal to park for one hour... so you or somebody else must have put an extra dime in the meter after your hour expired". The victim explained that she was still within her initial hour with 8 minutes still to go and she was just finishing up on her one hour workout that began at 10:00am sharp. (In fact, there is proof from the gym's computer that she checked in at the front desk at 10:00am promptly as usual.) The parking meter worker at 10:52am that morning seemed to care less, and simply left to apparently go about finding more victims of this scam along Lankershim Blvd in NoHo.