Friday, December 12, 2008

AGAIN I ASK... What is The Monolith in NoHo ?

. .• OK, I'm Just Asking
as I Did Last Year...

We have this "Monolith" at the corner of
Chandler & Lankershim across from the
Redline Station
, and before you say
anything I know it is the HOWE'S MKT
plus other commerce. But haven't you
wondered "Just Once" what that large
flat tall structure on the corner is
supposted to be used for ?

Is it going to say Welcome to NoHo?
Let's get some suggestions for this.
Anyway here I am in MyVid filmed
2007 raising the ?

. .


Anonymous said...

Saw it lit up -- FINALLY -- last night. Just another electronic billboard, as far as I saw.

kbl said...

"supposed to"