Thursday, August 14, 2008

I TOLD YOU - "I would like A Glass of WATER..."

• ...the Glass shouldn't
Smell from Herring !

'Mayor' TONi AVENUESgang says-

DRINK less / WATER less
TONi's FOUNTAINS need the H2O

and your favorite restaurant
are going GREEN !
( another red herring event )

It says IF WE WANT WATER, just ASK.

But you HAVE to ASK !

I found this " SAVING WATER " card on my table at
Al Read's in Tujunga -yes, Chicken Fried Steak Thursdays.
I grew up in North Hollywood, and all those other names it has
acquired over the years of 'gerimandering'.

There was Drucker's Deli in the small
courtyard of stores next to the
Thrifty Drug between the
Thriftimart and McDonald's Market.


To bring you up to date, this is the block of stores that are
now Radio Shack, Smart n Final and Rite Aide and Ralph's.
There was a bakery, different type now, and the Deli
was a small walk back into middle area.
We went to the Deli here, or the one in the market on
Victory where the theaters are now at Coldwater.

We usually got three sandwich meats;
Corned Beef, Pastrami and Tongue, sliced thin, please.
Some Kosher pickles, kosher meaning made with brine not vinegar.
Then go to the Bakery to get a Rye Bread or Chale (egg bread)
or even a variety of Kaiser Rolls.
Oh that food.

Now, one of my Father's jokes about the Deli was...

So, the man goes into the Deli
and says to the Counterman-

" I'd like a 'Gless' (accented) of Tea,

The 'Gless' shouldn't
Smell from Herring! "

...a comment on the guy
who cuts the meats.

Oh, well, now we have to go to Jerry's or Canter's,
I found great Corned Beef in Burbank of all places
at Ben's Deli cl∆ic(ummm) I travel because there
are NO deli's ('Jewish') up in Sunland Tujunga
where I live now... but those weekend meals, WOW !
. .,
Oh, and...
don't forget
when dining
and you must not water your
plants more than 'allowed[?]'...

...or you may get a visit from
Toni AVENUESgang

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