Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Parking Meter workers Scamming locals

I personal fitness train at a gym on Lankershim Blvd near Weddington Blvd in NoHo. It recently came to my attention of a long term client of the gym who was parked in a meter outside the gym on Lankershim. She went in on Tuesday, Feb 17, 2009 at 10a for her usual 10am appointment with her personal fitness trainer which always lasts one hour. As usual she put her $1.00 for one hour into the parking meter at 10a, and went in the gym where she checked in at the front desk, and started her workout with her trainer

At 10:52a she was horrified to see a parking meter worker putting a ticket on her windshield. When she quickly went out to confront the meter worker, she was told that she was getting a ticket, even with 8 minutes still left on her meter. "Why...How?" she asked, and was told by the unconcerned meter worker that "your only legal to park for one hour... so you or somebody else must have put an extra dime in the meter after your hour expired". The victim explained that she was still within her initial hour with 8 minutes still to go and she was just finishing up on her one hour workout that began at 10:00am sharp. (In fact, there is proof from the gym's computer that she checked in at the front desk at 10:00am promptly as usual.) The parking meter worker at 10:52am that morning seemed to care less, and simply left to apparently go about finding more victims of this scam along Lankershim Blvd in NoHo.

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Anonymous said...

I was ticketed and cited to be towed. I asked the officer why? She said "You havent moved your vehicle in three days." I responded 'Yes, I can prove it. My car was serviced Saturday in a local service shop and I have a receipt. I filled up my gas on Sunday morning, I have a receipt. I had my car smogged on Monday, I have a receipt. Let me get them from in the house.

The response "I havent got time to fool around with you while you get your receipts, "appeal"

I called my Councilman Reyes office. His staff refused to let me meet with the Councilman . They said they would look into it. His staff did nothing and causes me more money by not informing Parking Enforcement that the citation was under appeal. The ticket is $135.00.

There is a car in my block that parks for weeks at a time and has been issued 7 citations in a month for parking on street cleaning day. He has never been cited to be towerd/ Why ? Because he paid for 7 or more tickes a month and the City makes the revenue.
Why would they cite him...he doesnt fight back.