Wednesday, August 1, 2007

NOHO old skool, really

• NOHO farmland in 1898
and more of our history
By Louis Elovitz
Digital Journalist

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This is what started North Hollywood, AGRICULTURE.
Lankershim Ranch fields being plowed and sowed.

In 1874 a treaty was signed by the US and Mexico
in Noho at Campo de Cahuenga, 2 decades later
Issac Lankershim and his friend I N Van Nuys
bought and planted lands in what we know as
the San Fernando Valley.

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Wilson C Weddington and others started various
retail establishments in the new town Lankershim.
1910 and the Pacific Electric Red Car brought basic
transportation to 'NoHo' and Southern California.

Universal Pictures opened in 1915 with studio tours.
( we always think we are in 'the future' now )
Victory Blvd was named for Victory in WW 1.
North Hollywood became part of the
City of Los Angeles in 1927 voted by residents
after members first decided to in 1923.
My Alma Mater NHHS was opened for students
in 1928 ( GO HUSKIES! )

...and this is only a very very very small bit of

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