Sunday, August 5, 2007

NoHo EDUCATION .05 ( mine again )

. .

By Louis Elovitz
Digital Journalist

I WENT HERE. Actually I first went to preschool
at VJCC Valley Jewish Community Center, then
I entered Victory Elementary from kgn to 6 grade
Victory Blvd Elementary was built in 1924
as seen above, the road on the right top side
is Victory Blvd, named for our Victory in WWI.
That building is gone but the spirit and school remain.

At least once a year we had EVENTS staged on the
asphalt play yard. It could be the LAPD showing
car demonstrations, or the ZOO would send a
truck sponsored by Sears full of animals to see.

Sometimes there would be a 'pay event' like a
small circus or a Western show...

We see the Wild West
visiting Victory Boulevard
Elementary with a special show
by Monty Montana
who rode his horse
and performed rope tricks,
he also rode in many
parades for years.

Years later Monty was
at my daughter Jessica's
Verdugo High in
Sunland Tujunga


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