Thursday, May 17, 2007

Breaking Up May Not Be Hard to Do

For some time, the Mid-Town North Hollywood Neighborhood Council has sought to make like a cell and divide. Initially the Council wished to split into three separate councils, but it was later determined that it was more practical to split into two councils.

The Council's primary view is that at nearly 70,000 residents, the area served by the Council is too large to be effective and representative. Nearby councils, such as Toluca Lake, have far fewer constituents and receive the same level of funding as North Hollywood.

Because this has never been done before, the City's Department of Neighborhood Empowerment and its oversight panel, the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners has been stymied on how to make the Council's wishes happen. With no defined breakup process in place - and a growing number of councils citywide who wish to follow suit - DONE is seeking to develop a smooth process.

Thursday night, BONC will meet at 6:00 pm at Maurice Sendak Elementary School at 11414 Tiara Street in North Hollywood to consider North Hollywood's application. Staff has recommended that they be granted their request, with the understanding that no further approvals be granted until a solid process is in place and North Hollywood has been requested to help advise on the development of the process.

Full disclosure: I was recently appointed to the Mid Town North Hollywood Neighborhood Council and support the breakup.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Let's break it up and get a couple of councils in place that act like part of the community.

The current council takes the City money, but does nothing to publicize its activities (look at the webpage -- not updated for over two years).

All it has done, is FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. Have you been to any of the meetings???

It's time to get rid of this secretive bunch of losers and get a more effective set of councils that will once again outreach into the communities.

Such a shame. Let us have a council such as Toluca Lake has.