Monday, September 27, 2010

No Shave and Haircut -but Two Bits

25¢ RELIEF !

I grew up in North Hollywood, that's NoHo to you hip people,
walking or biking to the park to give out checkers and balls
receiving free swimming pool tickets.
Other times spending the hot Valley afternoons in the wonderful library,
which had no air conditioning nor restrooms
and computers were not yet -dewey decimal.
The Fire Station for excitement and
Thrifty Drug on Lankershim for 5¢ ice cream cones.
And of course the El Portal Theater was the coldest for movies,
like Godzilla or War of the Worlds,
where we lined up so early we could go into 'free' movies put on
by various religious organizations -theology before science fiction.

Now I bring this all up because those were the few places to,
well let's say, relax or relieve one's self.

-subway & busways
all air conditioned as is the computer stocked library,
many restaurants and theaters, and to top it off ...

AUTOMATIC 25¢ RESTROOMS on the corner!

... in the background of the top photo
is the Pacific Electric North Hollywood Station
as it is today awaiting restoration ...
... in the bottom photo is where a Safeway Market
was for many years the one story building
used throughout the nation ...

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