Sunday, January 4, 2009

Purse Snatcher stopped by Fitness Trainer

He's big...he's fast...and he was pumping up his adrenaline on an eliptical machine at BodyImage Gym in the Noho Arts District when he saw the purse snatcher taunting the BID Street Teams who couldn't catch up to him on Lankershim Blvd. "In an instant, I flew off the Eliptical, out the gym door, and onto the sidewalk where I caught up and passed the pursuing BID Street Team guys and tackled the purse snatcher and pinned him down", says Matt Burch, local Fitness Trainer and Television personality of the hit show "Operation REPO".

Matt, who many co-workers (including me) know as a really "Teddy Bear" kind of a guy underneath his rough, tough exterior, says what he did was community focused and not a show of bravado or testosterone. "I want to tell people not to engage in this kind of thing if they don't have to, I have a martial arts background and have been pumpin' iron for years, and it was really an instinctual thing that happened really quickly...I just saw those BID guys not being able to catch up to the purse snatcher and reacted."
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Michael Higby said...

Go Matt!

I'll profile this on Mayor Sam.

Chris said...

Excellent! What's BID, though?

alex amarxon said...

let me feel it, this is what you want to do.” So he would teach more through feel and that’s the way he taught. Best Gym in AZ