Monday, October 1, 2007

"Time Terrorists" Attempt To Drive Wedge Between NoHo Scene and Neighborhood Council

At its most recent meeting, the Midtown North Hollywood Neighborhood Council was unable to act on a last minute request for funding from organizers of the NoHo Scene festival to be held October 6th in the NoHo Arts District.

The Council's Board of Directors could not approve the requested funding due to the lack of a quorum at the meeting. Additionally members of the Board of Directors felt uncomfortable approving the funds without sufficient time to study the proposal.

In the last few days a crude hand produced flyer started appearing around town. The flyer seems to represent itself as a publication from the Council and claims that local artists and others intend to boycott the event. As well it infers that the Council and an unidentified Neighborhood Watch group do not support the event.

Mid Town North Hollywood Neighborhood Council President Cary Adams, in a letter to NoHo Scene organizers denied that the Council is not in support of the Festival. Other community leaders referred to the bogus publication as a shame and derided its anonymous author(s).


Anonymous said...

Break up the disfunctional Midtown Neighborhood Council.

The in-fighting and lack of elections has effectively disenfranchised 60,000 NoHo residents.

Break up this monstronsity and start over.

Bigger is NOT better. It's not even good.

We could have 3 councils in place of this one disfuctional one and get three times the money into the area ($50,000 v. $150,000).

Mayor Sam said...

Sure. They tried to but DONE won't let them. Primarily its probably Tom LeBong and Wendy Greuel that don't want it.

Its better if this thing stays as is for them and not broken into more effective units.