Sunday, November 4, 2007

"ART NOIR" Opening 2007

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on Lankershim
Video of Opening

OCTOBER 17 - NOVEMBER 16 2007...V..............

“The Scream” hallowed out by Edvard Munch is still being heard today;
the missing ear gouged out by Van Gogh is bandaged in his self portrait
but far from concealed by our imagination; the “Freak” photos of
Diane Arbus, haunting her perhaps to end her life even though her
insight lives on - these are a few of many art noir creators, bringing
to light the fact that dark art is indeed enlightening.

NoHo Gallery LA is pleased to present a group showing of “Art Noir”
artists featuring Tara Greer’s paintings & breathtaking triptych oil
tapestries on canvas portraying the evolution of darkness into the light.

Free & Open to the Public


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