Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Shakespeare in North Hollywood


Would William Say 'NoHo'
by Louis Elovitz


Consequences unfold when a man comes to see his actress

girlfriend and has contact with cast members of the said,

I mean 'never said', play by The Bard.

Freak-out occurs when the word is used and all the age

old superstitions come out that thespians have held

for hundreds of years. The film manifests itself with great

cinematographic skills and superior lighting, showing all

the ghosts and the fears that these young people endure

in order to serve their art and exhibit their production.

This is all done in parodistic style. After a quick 101 about

Never Saying that name, the man, a teacher, is drafted

into the play and finds himself at odds with this acting stuff

and the triangle between himself, his girlfriend, and another

actor. From street clothes to the dressing rooms, rehearsals,

to the play itself, with all the Shakespearean overtures to

the Ghosts in the Theater, this film contains all the authenticity

and embraces the essence of the original play itself.

Set to show on the final day of the Valley Film Festival

on Sunday September 16 at 4 p.m.

starts Wednesday September 12, 2007

at the El Portal Theater in NoHo.

Tammy Caplan Producer

Louis Elovitz
DownTown NoHo Times

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